We ask that you please follow these basic posting guidelines on all REF owned sites:

  • Commercial or solicitation postings are not allowed.
  • Be respectful and civil to fellow members. Personal attacks are prohibited.
  • Please refrain from posting religious, political, sexist, ethnically or racially offensive, or obscene messages.
  • E-Club and Rotary topics are encouraged as well as banter, humor and friendly interactions among members.
  • Spamming or flooding (excessive posts) on any REF owned site will not be allowed. Members are not permitted to repost topics repeatedly.
  • In the group discussions we ask that you try to stay on topic and avoid demeaning, antagonistic or overly contentious posts. Please follow the “4-Way Test” in all discussions.
  • Messages or postings that do not meet these etiquette standards may be removed. Members who do not follow the Posting Guidelines may be removed from the REF Fellowship if there are frequent or flagrant violations.