Purpose of the Fellowship

The purpose of the Rotarian E-Club Fellowship (REF) will be to create, improve and enhance the friendship and fellowship of Rotarians (and spouses/partners), as well as Rotaractors who share a common interest in E-Clubs. By providing members with forums and social media platforms where they can freely engage in discussions, as well as share ideas, resources and best practices that are unique to the E-Club community, we strive to strengthen this important initiative of the Rotary world.

Qualifications for membership

To be eligible for membership, one must be a Rotarian, Rotaractor or the spouse/partner of a Rotarian. To retain membership in REF, members must agree to receive key communications such as the newsletter and election information, by maintaining a correct and current email address.


The officers of the Fellowship include:

  • Chairman

  • Vice Chairman

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

The new Chairman will appoint a board of directors including the officers and up to 12 additional members from at least 3 different continents to serve a one or two year term, at the discretion of the chairman. A chairman may not serve consecutive terms.

Election of Chairman

The new Chairman will be elected in November (in the second year of the current chairman’s term), for a two-year term, to take office on July 1st the following year.

Nominations will be taken from the general membership after they have been sent a list of eligible candidates. Balloting will be conducted online. A simple majority vote of the members is necessary to be elected.

All candidates running for the office of chairman must have served on the REF board of directors for one year prior to being nominated, and must be a Rotarian in good standing.

Notice of the election and official ballots will be sent to all members electronically.


There will be no dues charged in REF, however members may occasionally be asked for voluntary donations to cover incidental operating costs of the Fellowship.


Members will primarily communicate and collaborate with each other via official REF group facilities on various social networks, and with occasional special notices sent to members by email. An electronic newsletter will be sent to all members at least annually.

Annual Report

The REF Secretary will complete an RI Annual Report and any other forms and materials requested by RI.


Any member may propose a change to these bylaws. The board of directors will review the proposed change and decide whether a revision is warranted. If a revision of the bylaws is undertaken, a majority vote of the membership is necessary to change the bylaws.

Compliance with RI Rules

The REF Fellowship will be operated at all times in full compliance with the policies and rules of Rotary International for Rotarian Fellowships. The fellowship will not be an legal agent or agency of Rotary International or The Rotary Foundation and will not purport to be such an agent or agency.