The Rotarian E-club Fellowship (REF) was envisioned because the founders felt that there was broad and significant interest in E-Clubs throughout the Rotary world. This is the first time in the history of Rotary that a new model of club has been adopted and there are many questions and misconceptions that need to be addressed.

REF will attempt to provide suggestions, guidelines and ideas that are needed to form new E-clubs and nurture those that have already formed. REF will have the ability to envelop its members in a “community” that understands the unique needs and problems of E-clubs. Our membership will be coming from traditional Rotary clubs as well as E-clubs, and as they share ideas together there will be a new understanding and synergy created that will help establish friendships, partnerships and joint projects. This process of co-mingling members from traditional clubs and E-clubs will help bring E-clubs into the mainstream of Rotary.

The founders of REF feel that E-Clubs are likely going to play a very big part in the future of Rotary and might eventually be able to help Rotary expand beyond the 1.2 million member mark. We believe that new generations around the world are going to be greatly attracted to this new model of Rotary club.

This fellowship operates in accordance with Rotary International policy, but is not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.